Baptism is the initiation sacrament into the faith community. The parish provides preparation to help parents understand the meaning of Baptism and its celebration and to offer ways to practice Christian parenting.

Baptism for Infants and Young Children (ages 0-6)

Baptism is celebrated approximately six times a year at our weekend Masses. Parents are required to contact the Baptism minister at the Parish Office to schedule an introductory meeting. Parents and Godparents are also required to attend a Baptism class where there will be presentations on the history and theology of Baptism, as well as a chance to explore ways to practice Christian parenting.

  1. Baptism Intro Letter – Baptism Intro Letter – Spanish
  2. Baptism Info Sheet – Baptism Info Sheet – Spanish
  3. Baptism Schedule 2016-2017
  4. Baptism Information-Registration Form – Baptism Information-Registration Form Spanish
  5. Sponsor Information Form – Sponsor Information Form Spanish
  6. Sponsor Verification Form – Sponsor Verification Form Spanish
  7. Article on Being a Good Sponsor

For more information, please contact Carol Frost.

Baptism for Children and Teens (ages 7-18)


Baptism for Adults (ages 18 and older)


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