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Parish Office Phone:
(425) 822-0295
Holy Family Parish School:
(425) 827-0444
Holy Family Parish Pre-School:
(425) 889-4735


From left to right: Karen Bailey, Accountant, Kathy Heideman, Bookkeeper; Carol Frost, Office Manager

2011 Helping Hands Dinner Dance Bradley-103 (3)

Parish Priests
Fr. Steve Szeman, Fr. Kurt Nagel


Pastor                                                           Rev. Kurt Nagel (112)

Priest Minister                                             Rev. Stephen Szeman

School Principal                                          Jackie Degel (211)


Pastoral Assistants

Administration                                           Sharon Harris (115)

Parish Staff Amanda Cathleen Claudia Hannah Karen

From left to right: Claudia Petursson, PA for Catechisis of the Good Shepherd; Karen Schweitzer, Facilities Scheduler; Cathleen Ito, PA for JH Youth Ministry; Amanda Koppes, PA for SH Youth Ministry

Andrea and Betsy-1

Andrea Liggett, PA for Social Outreach & Advocacy; Betsy Staal, PA for Pastoral Care & Marriage Prep

Faith Formation & Sacramental Prep         Maria Muscado (232)

Catechesis of the Good Shepherd               Claudia Petursson (122)

RCIA & Liturgy                                          Norm Bross (114)

Pastoral Care & Marriage Prep                   Betsy Staal (111)

Senior High Youth Ministry                        Amanda Koppes (108)

Junior High Youth Ministry                        Cathleen Ito (107)

Social Outreach & Advocacy                     Andrea Liggett (110)

Young Adults and Evangelization              Andy Dejka (129)


Parish Staff  Steve Ted-1

Steve Carbonetti, Facilities Manager; Ted Tax, Maintenance Assistant

Parish Staff   Connie Sharon-1

Connie Moretti, Receptionist; Sharon Harris, PA for Administration

Staff Photo  Norm Andy-1

Norm Bross, PA for Sacraments & Liturgy; Andy Dejka, PA for Evangelization & Young Adult Ministry


Facilities Manager                                      Steve Carbonetti (121)

Accountant                                                  Debbie Walford (113)

Office Manager/Baptism Prep                    Carol Frost (118)

Bookkeeper                                                Kathy Heideman (117)

Facilities Use Manager                               Karen Schweitzer (119)

Receptionist                                                Connie Moretti (100)

Receptionist                                                Carey Cavaliere (100)

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